Thanks for coming through!
Currently the sole Product Designer at SaverLife, a platform that helps underserved communities build their savings behavior to improve their financial security. 

As a designer that has a background in translating complex business issues into real value, I believe design should enable the business to deliver on its promise to the user. I previously worked with IBM for almost 4 years where I collaborated with executives, product management, and technical experts across AI, cloud, and legacy IT platforms.

This makes me a stronger designer because I understand the value in helping the people behind the problem. What helps is my design process strives to remove as much ambiguity as possible by: defining the scope, accumulating insights to uncover patterns, and setting a direction to guide iterations and validations.

I've realized helping people stems from my affection to let inspiration come from all walks of life so I can be better. My constant well of inspiration comes from my family, 80s movies, reading non-fiction, Motown music, street photography, and story-driven video games. Would love to hear from you at!